Ocular PK and Bioanalytical Services

Pharmacokinetic Services

Understanding the pharmacokinetics of a test article in species typically used in preclinical testing is a necessary component of drug discovery and development. At eyecro, we provide a full pharmacokinetic evaluation service using a wide variety of dose regimens and administration in both rodent and nonrodent species.

Our study directors have access to established colonies of animals ready for immediate use. Also, we have excellent surgical capabilities enabling us to offer multiple routes for sample collection.

Our experienced team of scientists design and conduct pharmacokinetic studies to examine many parameters including: dose proportionality, bioavailability, and food effects. Steady state, continuous infusion, and multiple dose test article administration can be calculated and verified in-vivo.

Study Types

Pharmacokinetics / toxicokinetics

  • Compartmental
  • Non-compartmental
 Ocular Tissue Distribution
  • Animals: Mouse, Rat, Rabbit
  • Evaluation:
    • Ocular tissue dissection (retina, vitreous, lens, cornea, sclera)
    • Quantification of therapeutic by LC-MS/MS
 Quantification in Plasma
  • Animals: Rat, Rabbit
  • Evaluation: Quantification of therapeutic by LC-MS/M

The team at eyecro is also skilled at performing ophthalmic pharmacokinetic and tissue distribution studies in both rodents and rabbits with the ability to perform LC-MS/MS quantification of test agents in various tissues of the eye and plasma.



Bioanalytical Studies

bioanalytical studies