About Us

We love vision research!  Since our inception, EyeCRO™ has provided research services to over 400 different companies and research institutions worldwide.

Clients served by EyeCRO

Our key to success is the stellar team of scientists we have assembled to help drive ophthalmic preclinical research and development forward.  Many of us have dedicated our entire research career to studying the eye and helping to advance new vision saving treatments.  We take immense pride in helping others understand the potential of their idea/therapy and how it can make significant impacts on human health.  EyeCRO scientists have extensive experience in applying many aspects of ophthalmic drug development utilizing state-of-the-art technologies such as optokinetic tracking, electroretinography, fundus imaging, optical coherence tomography, fluorophotometry and more!  

EyeCRO is accredited by AAALAC and registered with the USDA.  We maintain an internal IACUC that conducts a rigorous ethical review for all in-vivo studies prior to initiation.  The EyeCRO team is proud to have the highest standards for nonclinical research.