Geographic Atrophy

A rat model of geographic atrophy has been established using subretinal delivery of Sodium iodate. This toxin causes necrosis of the Retinal Pigment Epithelium (RPE) by the production of reactive oxygen species. The death of RPE cells causes a subsequent degeneration of the photoreceptors and other retinal neurons. As the RPE maintains the outer blood-retinal barrier, the death of RPE cells can be monitored non-invasively using fluorophotometry. Optokinetic tracking can be utilized to assess effects on visual acuity and contrast vision. In addition, OCT imaging can quantify the cellular loss and extent of retinal degeneration. At study termination, RPE flatmounts are stained with phalloidin to visualize the integrity of the RPE layer.

Fluorophotometry in NaIO3 model

Visual acuity in NaIO3 model
Contrast vision in NaIO3 model

Retinal thickness in NaIO3 model
OCT full scan in NaIO3 model

RPE phalloidin staining in NaIO3 model