Inherited Retinal Degenerations

EyeCRO maintains internal colonies of numerous transgenic and knockout mouse and rat lines that are useful for vision research.  

  • Rd mice deficient in Pde6b
  • Rd mice deficient in Rds/Prph2
  • Rd mice deficient in RPE65
  • Rd mice deficient in CEP290
  • Abca4-/- mice
  • Rdh8-/- mice
  • Rhodopsin-P23H-transgenic Rats (line 1 from Dr. Matt LaVail)
  • RCS Rats (Royal College of Surgeons rat)

The lines allow for the study of various therapeutic agents or modalities to ameliorate disease and improve visual outcomes.  Longitudinal study designs utilizing non-invasive techniques such as ERG, OKT, OCT and fundus imaging allow for elegant long term experiments to understand the therapeutic potential and longevity.

P23H OCT images
P23H OCT graphs
Longitudinal quantification of OCT from P23H-line 1 rats

RPE65 mutant OCT

Longitudinal quantification of OCT from RPE65-deficient mice

Pde6b mutant data
Quantification of OCT, Visual acuity, and contrast vision in Pde6b-deficient mice