Ophthalmic Imaging and Physiology

EyeCRO has all of the latest innovative tools for preclinical ophthalmic imaging, measuring visual function, assessing intraocular pressure, and fluorophotometry.

Phoenix micron at work

Four Micron IV devices from Phoenix Research which allow for slit-lamp imaging, color fundus imaging, fluorescein angiography, laser application, and optical coherence tomography.

slit lamp imaging

Rabbit imaging and laser application is conducted with a Haag-Streit BM900 slit lamp and ophthalmoscopic examinations are conducted with Keeler Vantage Plus and Welch-Allyn direct scope

ERG waveforms

Electroretingraphy is conducted using Espion and Celeris systems from Diagnosys

tonopen for IOP

Tonolab and Tonovet devices are utilized for intraocular pressure measurments

Fluorophotometry studies are accomplished using the Fluorotron which allows for quantification of retinal vascular leakage and integrity of the blood-retinal barrier

Visual acuity and contrast vision are measured by optokinetic tracking using OptoMotry