Detecting diabetic eye disease with machine learning

Diabetic retinopathy — an eye condition that affects people with diabetes — is the fastest growing cause of blindness, with nearly 415 million diabetic patients at risk worldwide. The disease can be treated if detected early, but if not, it can lead to irreversible blindness.  A few years ago, a Google research team began studying whether machine learning could be used to screen for diabetic … [Read more...]

Investigator-Sponsored Phase 2 Study Results Show pSivida’s Medidur® Fully Controlled Uveitis for Two Years with No Recurrence of Disease While Visual Acuity Continued to Improve

WATERTOWN, Mass., July 14, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- pSivida Corp. (NASDAQ:PSDV) (ASX:PVA), a leader in the development of sustained release drug delivery products primarily for eye diseases, announced that the results from an investigator-sponsored Phase 2 study of pSivida’s Medidur showed no recurrence of uveitis in 11 eyes treated with Medidur during the two years following implantation, while … [Read more...]

Roche CEO ‘sleeps better’ as risk to drugmaker’s growth recedes

LONDON (Reuters) - Roche (ROG.S) is increasingly confident it will continue to lift sales and profit even as cut-rate copies of the Swiss drugmaker's older cancer medicines start to grab business next year, its chief executive said on Wednesday. In February the company won U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) breakthrough status for new multiple sclerosis drug Ocrevus. That was followed in … [Read more...]

Prismatic eyewear for patients with tunnel vision to launch

A trio of eyeglasses using revolutionary prism techniques could open up a whole new field of view for patients with hemianopia.  The three designs – yoked prisms in a carrier lens, a bi-part double Fresnel prism, and the mirror-based periscopic prisms – were showcased in the journal Optometry and Vision Science.  Lead researcher and Harvard Medical School ophthalmology professor, Dr Eli Peli, told … [Read more...]

EyeCRO data to be presented at ARVO 2016 in Seattle

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Scientists Successfully Apply Gene Therapy against Retinitis Pigmentosa

A collaboration between scientists in the UK and the USA has shown that gene therapy can give life-long protection to the light-sensitive photoreceptor cells responsible for colour vision in a mouse model of the most common inherited eye disorder.

  These findings are significant because they open up a new line of research to prevent nerve cell death in retinitis pigmentosa and age-related … [Read more...]

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