Fluorescent Micro & Nanoparticles

Building on the idea of developing a sustained release injectable we have developed microparticles and nanoparticles based on an FDA approved polymer. In both cases the particles are injected in to the vitreous and have been shown to release the drug, in vitro, for up to 6 months. The microparticles are designed to stay in the vitreous and release the drug whereas the nanoparticles are designed to enter cells directly and release the drug intracellularly.

We can produce fluorescent micro- and nanoparticles with sizes of 100 to 300 nm, 5um and 30. We have developed proprietary technology to allow us to incorporate coumarin-6 (excitation: 458nm, emission: 540nm ) Coumarin-6 is a small hydrophobic molecule that associates itself with the PLGA and is not released in any significant amount hwile the particles degrade assuring an optimal evaluation of nanoparticle distribution.

Flourescent Particles

Preclinical Ophthalmic Contract Research