Microemulsion Drug Ocular Penetration System (MiDROPS™)

The topical delivery of compounds into the eye with a suitable eyedrop formulation is the ideal route of administration as it is non-invasive, doses can be easily tailored, and is unlikely to affect other organs due to a low amount of systemic drug exposure. While eyedrop formulations have been classically used to deliver soluble molecules to the anterior segment, there is a strong desire to develop formulations which can deliver lipophilic molecules into the eye by means of a stable and comfortable eyedrop formulation. EyeCRO has developed a custom library of thermodynamically stable micro-emulsions which can solubilize very hydrophobic small molecules and deliver them in abundant quantities to both the anterior segment and posterior segment. Substantial proof of concept for delivery, efficacy, and safety has been demonstrated with multiple APIs in mice, rats, rabbits, and non-human primates.

Advantages of MiDROPS™:

  • Eyedrop delivery to both the Anterior and Posterior segment after topical instillation
  • Utilizing constituents present in FDA-approved ophthalmic formulations
  • Formulate extremely lipophilic molecules
  • Incredible stability profiles –   Microemulsions are intrinsically stable (lowest thermodynamic energy state)
  • Great safety profiles with minimal systemic exposure
  • Patent Protected:  US 8,968,775 issued in March 2015 and US 9,149,453 issued in October 2015

Superior delivery to the Anterior and Posterior Segment in Rabbit PK studies


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